New Year's Eve traditions

One day left in the year...okay about a day a half now. I, of course (big procrastinator!) have not run over to the store yet to get my grapes for tomorrow and I need grapes, I should know better by now. There was a year when we were in California that I had to ask a woman to please let me have only 36 grapes since there was only 1 bag left at 7 pm on New Year's Eve. She was kind enough to share. Okay enough about that let's dive in to some traditions that I keep plus wha

Holiday Crafting Time!

It's that time again! Time for gifting all the teachers, caregivers, bus drivers, teachers aides etc. If you are anything like me, it all needs to be done this week and you are still not done! I go through a few stages before I am done. 1. Spend a few hours on Pinterest looking for the perfect craft that you think you can pull off. 2. Buying supplies for the craft. 3. Try to make one, get frustrated, walk away. 4. Consider buying everyone gift cards. 5. Suck it up and star

November Lady of the Month- Jacquelyn Lowe

After a slight delay, it is finally here...our lady of the month post! This month we are highlighting Jacquelyn. Some of you may know here as Dolly from our past Halloween Pokeno nights! Besides her awesome costume you may also know her positive attitude and she her big, beautiful smile. Thank you Jacquelyn for sharing with us! Jacquelyn moved here a year and a half ago with her fiance when he got a job opportunity with Toyota. They moved to Celina and love the friendlin

Christmas Tree Lighting Festivities

My kids love a good Christmas Tree Lighting. The one is Celina is their favorite...I mean they saw reindeer, Santa and a huge Christmas tree last year as well as got train rides, hot chocolate and a larger than life snow globe photo! While we will definitely be attending this again we always try to go to as many as possible. Here is a list of all the festivities taking place in the next couple of weeks. All of these are about 30 minutes or less from Celina. November 30th-

What are you grateful for?

As Thanksgiving and Christmas are fast approaching I have a tendency to get all sentimental. This Thanksgiving and Christmas will be our first year in Texas with no family close by. And that is okay because I have met amazing women in Celina Ladies & Friends that have embraced my family. Besides my family, which I am grateful for, I am truly grateful for my girlfriends. If I need to get out of the house I now have women to call that will get me out of the house. They push

Almost Thanksgiving!

We are 12 days away from Thanksgiving day. Last year, when I hosted a student from Europe, this was the holiday she was most excited for! She had only seen how Thanksgiving is celebrated on TV and movies. After explaining the story of the Mayflower and the pilgrims to her we went into the food. Stuffing, turkey, mashed potatoes, ham, cranberry sauce, mac and cheese, green beans, sweet potatoes and 2 pies. We prepared and baked every single item, even though it took us a f

Spotlight on our Sponsors: Grace & Heart Sterling Silver Jewelry from Lora Johnson

Celina Ladies and Friends is grateful for all our sponsors. Please take a minute to read about Grace & Heart directly from our sponsor, independent representative Lora Johnson. Thank you for sponsoring Celina Ladies and Friends. My name is Lora Johnson. I am a wife, soon to be grandma, community volunteer, business owner, and mentor. I am an independent representative for a company called Grace&Heart. Grace&Heart jewelry started March 2015 in Suzanne Garrett’s garage in Sa

October Lady of the Month- Shannon Gill

We are happily bringing back this monthly feature! This month, our Celina Ladies and Friend, lady of the month is Shannon Gill. If you attended our Halloween Pokeno you may know her as the scary pirate! She is warm and kind and makes you feel like you are with an old friend once you start talking with her. We are so glad she decided to share this information with us! Shannon and her husband moved to Prosper 2 1/2 years ago because they outgrew their closets and she "neede

Apple Season and Fall Favorites

The nights are getting nice and cool. The sweaters have been taken out of the closet and so did the boots and scarves. Growing up in California, October meant it was apple picking season. Load the kids up and pick a bushel of apples even in the cold and then take them home and make them into every recipe you could think of! That is one thing I have not found here in Texas. If anyone reading this knows of an apple farm that I can get to in under 1 1/2 hours please let me

October Breast Cancer Awareness month

This month is a very important month to bring awareness about checking on "The Girls". Every 2 minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. It is scary to receive that diagnosis. While I have been lucky so far in not receiving this news; my younger sister had a double mastectomy in her 20's and a cousin underwent treatment in her 50's and she is currently in remission. Breast cancer does not discriminate and sometimes, though rare, it will also affect men. So what can

Celina Ladies 6th Annual Progressive Dinner

Save the Date! This year we are hosting the Celina Ladies and Friends Annual Progressive Dinner and Scavenger Hunt on Tuesday, October 22nd from 7pm - 9:15pm. Start gathering all your girl friends, daughters, granddaughters etc and come join us for a fun night on the Historic Downtown Square. We will be holding a food drive for Grace Bridge under the pavilion. For every 5 cans of food donated, you get raffle tickets which will get you into our drawing for some really cool

Spotlight on our Sponsors: Willow House

Today, we highlight a popular local store, Willow House, which sells clothes, home décor, gifts, school spirit wear, accessories, bath and body items, and greeting cards. Willow House Boutique opened in 2013 in historic downtown Celina, Texas. Owners Craig & Kerrie Turner live in Celina, and they love the small town feel of the downtown square and the local residents. The Turners’ investment in Willow House is more than just providing a unique retail experience—they are commi

North Texas Giving Day and Volunteering

Mark your calendars for September 19th! That is the day for North Texas Giving Day. This was started in 2009 by the Communities Foundation of Texas to build awareness and support for local nonprofits. If you go to their website, , you can search for nonprofits by the causes you would like to support and then choose which will receive your online donation. Last year they were able to raise $48 million that helped fund nonprofits i

Spotlight on our Sponsors: Annie Jack Design & General Store

Thank you Annie Jack for your continued support of Celina Ladies and Friends. We appreciate everything you do for us! Today, we highlight a popular local boutique, Annie Jack Design & General Store, which offers a wide selection of clothes, home décor, gifts, accessories, candles and bath & body items. Annie Jack Design & General Store opened in 2016, in the historic Nelson Hotel on the square in Celina, Texas. Owner Rachel Baty, who studied interior design at Baylor Univers

31 more days...

Anyone else counting down the days until Fall? Dreaming of cool, crisp nights? Bonfires? S'mores and pumpkin spice? I definitely am! Besides those things I am also anxiously waiting for my Autumn Joy Sedum to bloom so I can see what color I planted and trying to figure out what I can start to do in my Fall garden! Daffodil, Iris and Hyacinth bulbs are whispering "plant me!" But it is too soon! Now is the time to clean up the last of my Summer vegetable garden and start

Spotlight on our Sponsor: Lamar National Bank

Thank you Lamar National Bank for continuing your support of Celina Ladies and Friends. Please take a few minutes to read about Lamar and what they are doing in our community. Lamar National Bank continues to grow here in Celina, and we have dedicated ourselves to strengthening the community in which we serve. We have based our success on the relationships we have developed and the superior customer service we offer our customers. We owe our jobs to our customers. Our succ

Back to School 2019!

Summer over all ready? Yes! It is almost time for the kids to go back to school. If your children attend Celina ISD the first day back is only 5 days away. In our household, we are getting the kids back in the swing of things by going to bed a little earlier and starting to get them up closer to school hours. All school supplies have been purchased and their backpacks are neatly hanging up by the door, ready for the first day of school. What are some of your tips and t

July Lady of the Month- Delia Isaac

Congratulations to Delia on being July lady of the month for Celina Ladies and Friends. She attends most of our events and you can't miss her! She has a bubbly personality and shows a genuine interest in getting to know you. Delia and her husband moved to Celina in 2017, as part of the Toyota relocation. A fun fact about her and her husband is that they got married twice in 1 year. They had a official legal ceremony in March. Even though it was raining, she was set on g

The "Dog Days" of Summer

I have never known heat until I moved to Texas! We are currently right in the middle of what is considered the Dog Days of Summer, a phrase started by the ancient Romans. These days are from around July 3rd through August 11th. These days are usually the hottest and longest due to the way the Earth tilts on its way around the sun. It also is when the star Sirius (the Dog star) which is part of the Great Dog constellation is visible in the Summer sky, thus the name. So w

Spotlight on our Sponsor: Jimbo's Pizza

Just a little off the square is Jimbo's pizza. Their current location has a cozy atmosphere for a family to share dinner, play some pool and listen to live music. Jimbo's opened in 1993 and Dago Rodriguez became the sole proprietor in 2005. If you go during lunch hours, they feature a yummy lunch buffet for an amazing price. Another great thing about Jimbo's is their community involvement. They offer a reward program at the elementary schools to encourage the kids to exce