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Apple Season and Fall Favorites

The nights are getting nice and cool. The sweaters have been taken out of the closet and so did the boots and scarves. Growing up in California, October meant it was apple picking season. Load the kids up and pick a bushel of apples even in the cold and then take them home and make them into every recipe you could think of! That is one thing I have not found here in Texas. If anyone reading this knows of an apple farm that I can get to in under 1 1/2 hours please let me know! What we do have that are fun and not found in my area of California is the beautiful Fall sunsets...sunflower fields that look like the go for miles. The fields with hay bales and all the Longhorn cows. Fall is seriously my favorite time of year here in Texas, I fall in love with our wonderful state every October.

Just because I cannot pick my own apples does not mean I cannot have my favorite flavor of the season. Apple pie, apple cobbler, apple piecream (a new decadent treat courtesy of Cross my Heart and Hope to Pie), warm apple cider, anything apple and I am all over it. Who has apple recipes they want to share with us? If you send me your recipes I will try them and post the results.

What other flavors scream Fall? Pumpkin? Pecans? Sweet Potato? Send all your recipes and we will share with our Celina Ladies and Friends board. We will then bake and share which were our favorites.

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