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National Ice Cream Day!

Today is National Ice Cream Day! Here is a guest blog written by a participant of Celina Ladies and Friends, Lindsay Harper. Hope you all enjoy!

What we experience through our senses can take us back to a great memory or tradition. For me, the sweet smell of fresh peaches takes me back to where I grew up. Our small farming community in Northern California was always full of hustle, tending to the crops that would feed others. There was nothing better than taking a moment to cherish the fruits of your labor with others over a great meal or those funny stories of remember that one time......

Lindsay and her mother, Johnna

My mom loved to cook and bake, that always contributed to frequent get together and great memories. I spent a lot of time either watching or helping her in the kitchen. She was one who made up recipes as she went and tweaked things the next time. The heat of summer, county fair, parades, and no school was the perfect time for me to help make homemade ice cream. Making ice cream wasn't any different than any other recipe my mom used. Some summers we would try making a new flavor or throwing in something new.

Making ice cream in July was no exception. We would try adding something new or changing things up, but this time there was one constant factor. July meant peaches were ripe! That month always involved a quick trip to a parking lot or roadside fruit stand for local Henderson peaches. Peach ice cream became a summer tradition in our family. I carry on the ice cream making tradition each summer and share with neighbors and friends. Hopefully this savory recipe is one you can enjoy and share with those around you as well.

Peach Ice Cream 


5 eggs 

2 2/3 cups sugar 

3 small cartons real whipping cream 

5 3/4 cups whole milk 

1 1/2 cups half and half 

2 tsp vanilla flavoring 

10-12 first peaches peeled and pureed 

Directions: Beat eggs until stiff and add sugar. Then add the remaining ingredients and mix.  After all mixed place it in ice cream maker (don't forget to add ice and rock salt to the side of the mixer) and let spin until ice cream has thickened. Place in your ice cream container and freeze to harden.

- If you want to enhance the peach flavor there are several options to choose from, only choose one.

1. Add 2 tablespoons of peach liquor, or 

2.  Add 1/2 of a small package of peach jello mix 

3. Add 2-3 tsp of peach flavoring or extract

**Note: Some people worry about raw eggs. If you would like to pasteurize the eggs in this recipe you can warm the milk and cream portion to 160 degrees and then add in the beaten eggs. Let completely cool before proceeding with the rest of the instructions.**

Thank you Lindsay for sharing your family recipe!

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1 Comment

Yessenia Macias Sauceda
Yessenia Macias Sauceda
Jul 15, 2018

Ice cream will be perfect this coming week with these extremely hot temperatures!

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