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Building Lasting Friendships through Positive & Fun Experiences in Celina and Surrounding Areas

Celina Ladies and Friends was founded in 2009 by Sandy Carter initially as Celina Newcomers. Over time, we changed the name to Celina Ladies and Friends to attract more than just newcomers.  

After living overseas and being involved in an organization there called "Benvenuto" meaning welcome in Italian, Sandy returned home to Celina only to feel lonely and unconnected from her community. She decided to start an organization here in Celina like the one she was involved in in Italy.  Since its inception, 8 years ago, the organization has been fulfilling its mission statement of welcoming residents and helping them get connected into their community by providing opportunities to become involved and build lasting friendships. Many women have built strong, lasting friendships over the years through social activities as well as working on community projects. 

Some social activities include:

     - Ladies nights out

     - Pokeno game night

     - Family picnics

     - Brunch 

     - Dinner outings

     - Holiday parties

Some community service events include:

     - Meet the Bobcats Tailgate

     - Adopt a family with the Celina Police Department

     - Initiator and founder of the Celina downtown Friday Night Market

     - Collects items for Hope's Door/ Grace Bridge


We invite everyone to come join us at our next event! Please check our calendar for events. We can't wait to get to know you!

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