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The "Dog Days" of Summer

I have never known heat until I moved to Texas! We are currently right in the middle of what is considered the Dog Days of Summer, a phrase started by the ancient Romans. These days are from around July 3rd through August 11th. These days are usually the hottest and longest due to the way the Earth tilts on its way around the sun. It also is when the star Sirius (the Dog star) which is part of the Great Dog constellation is visible in the Summer sky, thus the name.

So what to do during these Dog Days? Friday, July 26th Lake Ray Roberts is hosting a Starrytelling event. A park ranger will explain which constellations are visible in the night sky. See for more information.

Keep Cool!

Celina, Gunter, Prosper, Frisco....we are so close to so many lakes! Go take a swim or participate in some of the many water activities available. There are also splash pads in the area available to take the kids for a day of running under sprinklers.

Limit physical activities during the hottest time of the day. If you must go out, keep hydrated and try to stay in the shade.

Check on your neighbors, especially seniors and families with young kids with no air conditioning . As heat advisories are listed cooling centers are opened.

Careful taking your pups for a walk. Touch the ground, if it is too hot for your hand, don't walk your dog as their paws can be burned.

Do any of you have tips to staying cool during the Dog Days of Summer?

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