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December Lady of the Month- Soraya LaFleur

This month Soraya LaFleur is our woman of the month. It seems pretty fitting since I found out that December is her favorite month of the year! She is a ray of sunshine at all Celina Ladies and Friends events. I hope you all enjoy reading a little more about her and her family. This is all about Soraya, in her words. I have lived in Prosper for 3 years. Been in North Dallas 4 years. We were tired of the hustle and bustle of New York.   Wanting to go somewhere where peop

Christmas Tree Lighting Festivities

My kids love a good Christmas Tree Lighting. The one is Celina is their favorite...I mean they saw reindeer, Santa and a huge Christmas tree last year as well as got train rides, hot chocolate and a larger than life snow globe photo! While we will definitely be attending this again we always try to go to as many as possible. Here is a list of all the festivities taking place in the next couple of weeks. All of these are about 30 minutes or less from Celina. November 30th-

October Breast Cancer Awareness month

This month is a very important month to bring awareness about checking on "The Girls". Every 2 minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. It is scary to receive that diagnosis. While I have been lucky so far in not receiving this news; my younger sister had a double mastectomy in her 20's and a cousin underwent treatment in her 50's and she is currently in remission. Breast cancer does not discriminate and sometimes, though rare, it will also affect men. So what can

31 more days...

Anyone else counting down the days until Fall? Dreaming of cool, crisp nights? Bonfires? S'mores and pumpkin spice? I definitely am! Besides those things I am also anxiously waiting for my Autumn Joy Sedum to bloom so I can see what color I planted and trying to figure out what I can start to do in my Fall garden! Daffodil, Iris and Hyacinth bulbs are whispering "plant me!" But it is too soon! Now is the time to clean up the last of my Summer vegetable garden and start

The "Dog Days" of Summer

I have never known heat until I moved to Texas! We are currently right in the middle of what is considered the Dog Days of Summer, a phrase started by the ancient Romans. These days are from around July 3rd through August 11th. These days are usually the hottest and longest due to the way the Earth tilts on its way around the sun. It also is when the star Sirius (the Dog star) which is part of the Great Dog constellation is visible in the Summer sky, thus the name. So w

April Lady of the Month: Haley Metcalf

Celina Ladies and Friends Lady of the Month for APRIL Congratulations to Haley Metcalf Haley and her husband Tyler moved to Anna in 2017. They choose to move from the hustle and bustle of McKinney to a quieter Anna where they built their first home. They choose Anna because they felt it was the perfect town to start their family! Haley has been very actively involved in the growth and development of Celina Ladies and Friends. Her favorite thing about CLF is the diversity of t

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