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31 more days...

Anyone else counting down the days until Fall? Dreaming of cool, crisp nights? Bonfires? S'mores and pumpkin spice? I definitely am! Besides those things I am also anxiously waiting for my Autumn Joy Sedum to bloom so I can see what color I planted and trying to figure out what I can start to do in my Fall garden!

Daffodil, Iris and Hyacinth bulbs are whispering "plant me!" But it is too soon! Now is the time to clean up the last of my Summer vegetable garden and start plotting out where to plant my wildflower seeds and what vegetable seeds I can start germinating inside.

According to Neil Sperry it is also time to start pre-emergent weed killer applications on lawns in order to prevent rescue grass, rye grass and blue grass from germinating. But back to what I am really paying attention to...veggies and flowers.

In the next week I can start directly sowing broccoli, peas and cabbage. Lettuce and spinach will be started as well. I started my Brussels sprouts last week as these are slow growers. Mid-September is the time for planting bluebonnet and other wildflower seeds.

What are you working on? Do you garden? Flowers or edibles? Any tips you would like to share?

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