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What I've learned about Texas Gardening...

Mosquitoes love me! And so do chiggers, midges and spiders. And fire ants...yeah I once sat on an anthill when I was potting flowers, not a fun experience!

This month marks my one year anniversary in Texas. My family moved here from a small house in California which had no space for a garden. Once we moved here we went all out and started our garden beds this Spring. Luckily we have had really nice neighbors and friends who have let us in on which natural insect repellents work (powdered sulfur filled socks, neem oil) and this mosquito eradicator that I'm ready to go pick up at a feed store. Oh and sulfur pellets are good in flower beds.

My garden struggles have mainly been soil quality (I started composting and amending the soil as I go), bugs, and the heat! Did we even have a Spring? Oh and an armadillo keeps digging up my flowers. Now that is a new experience!

Now that Summer is here it is time to turn the attention to Fall harvests. Now is the time to start Fall tomatoes, peppers, and small pumpkin varieties. In 2 weeks we can start putting in corn, cucumbers, potatoes, and beans. This is what I have been reading from Neil Sperry and various Facebook gardening groups that I belong to and those members by far have been the most helpful.

Who here gardens? I would love to see photos of your gardens and if you have any tips to be a successful gardener in North Texas, please share!

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