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The beginnings of going green

"Save the's the only planet with chocolate..."

Going green....sounds kinda scary and like it would take lots of changes and work, or so I thought. As I have young kids I am always thinking of their future. What will the planet be like for them? Will it be as beautiful as it is now if we continue going at this pace? All of these questions and many more that I will not get into have prompted me to make small changes in our family lifestyle.

I grew up at a time where they were pushing the 3 R's (reduce, reuse, recycle). Reuse is definitely the easiest change you can make in order to start inching your way into a minimal waste lifestyle. Reuse tin cans for outdoor votive holders, paper bags for book covers etc. I even reuse the sour cream and margarine containers!

Using washable fabrics in the kitchen is also a great way to cut down paper waste. Think about how many paper towels a family can go through and the total cost. By using fabric towels for everyday cleans up it will definitely cut down the cost of paper products in your home.

UNpaper towel photo courtesy Blue Hive Customs

The other easy things to do...reusable water bottles and hot thermos. A stainless steel or plastic water bottle would save 1,460 bottles of water for 1 person in 1 year if they drank 4 bottles of water a day. **Source- Arcadia Power**

Using fabric grocery bags is also a great way to start. I keep a small amount of folded up bags in my car so I can pack up my purchases.

How does your family recycle? Any tips and tricks you would like to share?

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