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December Lady of the Month- Soraya LaFleur

This month Soraya LaFleur is our woman of the month. It seems pretty fitting since I found out that December is her favorite month of the year! She is a ray of sunshine at all Celina Ladies and Friends events. I hope you all enjoy reading a little more about her and her family. This is all about Soraya, in her words.

I have lived in Prosper for 3 years. Been in North Dallas 4 years.

 We were tired of the hustle and bustle of New York.   Wanting to go somewhere where people were kind and we could live our best life. I am married to an amazing husband for 22 years, we have been together for 28 years.  We have two amazing kids, not saying that because they are ours, our son Majied is 21 years old and a Junior in College, our daughter Isabella is 14 going on 21 years old and a freshman in High School. lol

My favorite thing about Celina is the small town feel, but most importantly the kind, genuine people that I have met. I love that Celina is a small town with a big heart. 

I have worked in IT Operations and Change Management for over 16 years.  I have been Blessed to have had the opportunity to have worked with some of the greatest minds and experienced things most people have only dreamed of.     I am not defined by my "Day Job".  I learned several years ago that my true passion is helping women and girls be their best selves.  The other thing people don't know about me is that I am a complete "Introvert", stop laughing, I really am.  It's very easy for me to the be the wallflower.  I can spend a whole week by myself and be completely content. 

  I don't believe in luck, what I do believe in is God divine purpose and plan for my life.  The day I realized this was the "luckiest" day of my life.

I have three sources of inspiration.  The first is my mom, she has had a hard life, but through it all, she managed to stay true to who she is, her strength and integrity are admirable.  The second source of inspiration are my children, they help me to see the beauty in the world, their genuine love, is what keeps me going, even in the valleys of life.  My third source of inspiration are the women that I have met in Texas, they come from all walks of life, all different backgrounds, all different religions, all different phases of life.  They inspire to be a better person, each and every day.  All of the above have inspired me to be a better mother, daughter, aunt and woman.  They inspire me to reach for the stars, regardless of the scars.  They inspire me to be true to who I am and stand firm in the knowledge that God has a plan and a purpose for my life.  And most importantly, they inspire me to believe that I am enough, with no make up, no hair done, and not so fancy clothes.  They inspire me to accept myself as I am, where I am, and how I am.

What do I like about Celina Ladies & Friends? I LOVE the genuine friendships I have developed. I love how the ladies are all so warm and welcoming. I love how there is no pretentious behavior, it’s come as you are. They have accepted me as I am, quirks and all.  Regardless of how my day or week has gone, when I see the ladies at an event, whether it’s a brunch or Pokeno, I immediately feel happy.  I forget all my troubles. The ladies always make me laugh so much.  It fill my heart with joy.  The leadership team is A#1, these ladies set an amazing example of how, regardless of where you come from and/or your background, you should always keep an open mind and an open heart to receive and be accepting of others. 

Thank you for sharing with us Soraya!

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