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July Lady of the Month- Delia Isaac

Congratulations to Delia on being July lady of the month for Celina Ladies and Friends. She attends most of our events and you can't miss her! She has a bubbly personality and shows a genuine interest in getting to know you.

Delia and her husband moved to Celina in 2017, as part of the Toyota relocation. A fun fact about her and her husband is that they got married twice in 1 year. They had a official legal ceremony in March. Even though it was raining, she was set on getting married in front of a waterfall. After they signed the papers they drove over to the waterfall because they were going to have a short ceremony there no matter what! Luckily the rain stopped just as they arrived there and she had her waterfall ceremony.

One of her favorite things about Celina is that it reminds her of the small town she comes from in Kentucky. They moved here with their One -eyed 14 year old cat Ki-Ki and 4 year old St.Bernard-Hound mix Artemis who is and shall always be called puppy.

She is currently working on obtaining her masters to become licensed in marriage and family therapy. When she is not working on school she is doing crisis work in Denton County.

Family and friends are very important to her. Her inspiration is her Aunt Marguerite who has infinite amounts of patience, love and kindness. She has a strength in her character built upon past experiences that helps others. Delia hopes to have the same magic and inspire others the way her Aunt inspires her.

Delia likes Celina Ladies and friends because of how inviting and welcoming all our ladies have been. She was worried when she moved that she would feel isolated and unable to find a "tribe" of her own. She no longer has that fear.

Lastly, in her own words, here are a few things she would like our participants to know about her:

"I consider myself to be very approachable and very open. I might be sinfully proud of my curly tresses and I have the ability to get so lost in a book I forget what century I'm in. I have a love for spoken word as well if you can't tell and I enjoy crafting to the degree that I have a whole room in my house dedicated to such an activity. Ultimately, I would want people to know that I pride myself on being a kind person and if I am ever being unkind I want people to be able to feel comfortable enough to tell me that. "

We are honored to have Delia as not only a participant of Celina Ladies and Friends but as a current board member.

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