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Spotlight on our Sponsors: Grace & Heart Sterling Silver Jewelry from Lora Johnson

Celina Ladies and Friends is grateful for all our sponsors. Please take a minute to read about Grace & Heart directly from our sponsor, independent representative Lora Johnson. Thank you for sponsoring Celina Ladies and Friends.

My name is Lora Johnson. I am a wife, soon to be grandma, community volunteer, business owner, and mentor. I am an independent representative for a company called Grace&Heart.

Grace&Heart jewelry started March 2015 in Suzanne Garrett’s garage in Santa Barbara CA. She loved sterling silver jewelry and wanted to find a way to give back and help women become business owners.

I joined this fabulous company in May 2016 after my previous sterling silver company closed their doors. It was such a sad day. But I found renewed joy when I found G&H.

Grace&Heart jewelry is .925 Sterling silver jewelry, handcrafted and created with semi precious stones like pearls, labradorite, onyx, and Swarovski crystals just to name a few. Some of our creations use brass for a two-tone look for our gold wearers. All our jewelry comes with a lifetime warranty and a 45 day satisfaction guarantee. We offer three services: purchasing, hosting to earn free jewelry, and starting your own Grace & Heart business to earn income, free jewelry and so much more. As a business owner you set your own hours and income with no glass ceiling!

I started my direct sales journey 14 years ago when I hosted a party for my girlfriend. I always liked free stuff. We ate and drank and had a wonderful time playing with her sterling silver jewelry.

What’s this? She didn’t do a presentation or play games. We just had a great time socializing and playing in her jewelry box... so I asked her how much she made tonight? She informed me she made in cash what I earned in free jewelry! Nearly $300 for eating my food & drinks and having a fabulous girls night out? I couldn’t believe it! I asked her if I could join this company and earn some extra income. I just needed about $300 a month to make ends meet. Mind you I had NEVER done anything like this before. I was scared to talk in front of a group of people. I couldn’t afford to buy all this beautiful jewelry without a discount. Most of all I couldn’t imagine calling people to host parties, but I was willing to give it a shot. What did I have to lose? Nothing!

Throughout the past 14 years I’ve overcome my fear of speaking to a group and calling ladies to host parties.

From that one leap of faith I’ve been selling jewelry through direct sales for 14 years. I’m earning a good income, earn lots of free jewelry, plus I’ve built a team of over 55 ladies and growing. I love the extras too. All-inclusive expense paid trips for myself and for my husband is the cherry on top.

I recently quit my full-time j.o.b. to pursue Grace & Heart as my full-time business. This will allow me more time to develop the ladies on my team, plus give me the schedule flexibility as a soon to be grandma and volunteering within my community.

As a thank you for allowing me to do this business I love, I try to donate to one fundraiser a month. I was fortunate enough to donate my profits from a party held with the Celina Ladies and Friends back in July to Hope's Door.

If you are interested in any of the three services we offer please let me know. If you would like to view the online catalog you can view it at

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1 Comment

Erica Northrup
Erica Northrup
Nov 08, 2019

Love their jewelry, I always get complements on the earrings when I wear them!

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