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Spotlight on our Sponsors- True Light Chiropractic

We are proud to announce that Celina Ladies and Friends has a new sponsor, True Light Chiropractic. Thank you for supporting Celina Ladies and Friends. Read a little more about our newest sponsor, conveniently located 2 blocks away from the Square right above Jimbo's.

True Light sees everyone in the family! From prenatal to pediatric patients, they believe that providing service to full families at their practice is essential to their core values. Drs. Kelsey and Colton are both Webster Certified, which means that they have extensive training in an approach to prenatal adjusting that is gentle and specific. In addition, True Light Chiropractic believes pregnancy does not have to be a time where you endure months of discomfort and fatigue, but instead a time of growth, excitement and love.

They understand that, for little ones, their systems are more delicate and quicker to adapt + respond than an adult, which means it is necessary to use less force and a more gentle approach to allow their health to thrive!

At your first appointment, there is a comprehensive consultation, exam, and CLA Insight scanning to show how your body is functioning. This allows True Light to customize care for the individual, leading to better results than using a one size fits all approach.

Their office is not your typical Chiropractic office either; they strive to create an inviting, efficient, and fun experience for their members, so the trip to the Chiropractic office is something to look forward to.

Community is one of their core values, so True Light does their best to promote community organizations, local businesses, and community events. They even host events of their own, such as yoga, health workshops and local vendor shops, to bring people together.

They have a well-defined vision; they strive to educate and empower families to take control of their health. Realizing that the body is more powerful than anyone has been led to believe, people's bodies can be shown how bodies are designed to heal, grow, and thrive, especially when given the right tools and lifestyle changes. They hope to elevate the health of children and families in Celina and the surrounding communities through knowledge and service to others.

Chiropractic is a very safe and non invasive option for health challenges experienced at all ages and the largest alternative healthcare profession!

Check the video below out for a tour of their business! We hope you get a chance to attend one of their events or stop by the office and meet them!

True Light Chiropractic

501 West Walnut Suite 200

Celina, TX 75009

(214) 901- 8415

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