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New Year's Eve traditions

One day left in the year...okay about a day a half now. I, of course (big procrastinator!) have not run over to the store yet to get my grapes for tomorrow and I need grapes, I should know better by now. There was a year when we were in California that I had to ask a woman to please let me have only 36 grapes since there was only 1 bag left at 7 pm on New Year's Eve. She was kind enough to share. Okay enough about that let's dive in to some traditions that I keep plus what friends have shared.

Grapes- Since I started with the grape story here is the explanation. My mom always handed out 12 grapes to anyone at our house on New Year's Eve. Each grape stands for a month in the New Year and is eaten to bring good luck.

Black eyed peas with ham and cabbage- This is a Southern tradition. Eating black eyed peas brings you luck and or hey stand for coins. Cabbage stands for money or prosperity.

Eating cornbread - Along the same lines as above, the color of cornbread is gold so it is said to bring you money in the New Year!

Red underwear- Don't laugh, we wear red underwear on New Year's Eve to bring love and passion into our lives for the next year. I think there are other colors you can wear for different things, but I've always chosen red.

Deep Cleaning the house- Some friends shared that they must completely clean out the house and make sure it is clean to symbolize new beginnings. Other add on to this by keeping the dirty mop water and throwing it out of the house at midnight. Out with the old and in with the new!

Making resolutions- This is something I heard of, but someone shared a spin on it. They would write the resolution down on paper and then burn it as a way of setting their intention.

Wearing new clothing- This ensures more new clothing in the new year.

Eating pomegranates- Since this is seen as a fertile fruit eating one is said to bring a productive new year.

Did I miss any? What traditions do you hold on New Year's Eve?

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