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Back to School Tips

Its the time of the year again where stores are filled with school supplies, shopping for new clothes, and getting your family back on a schedule--its Back to School!  There are some great activities for you and your family during this exciting time. 

This weekend, August 10-12, is tax-free weekend.  During tax-free weekend no local and state sales tax is charged on school supplies, clothing, and shoes.  Some restaurants may also be participating in tax-free weekend, so keep a look out for all of those savings.  

If you have new student in Celina ISD, don't forget to attend BooHoo WooHoo, Celina Ladies and Friends hosts this wonderful event.  We are thankful for our sponsors of this event which include Hemphill Orthodontics, Lamar National Bank, and Celina Star Cafe.  

Remember to start your back to school routines up to a week before school starts to help ease the transition from summer to school.  Talk with your child about what they can expect at school, who is picking them up from school, and if they are nervous work through their fears with them.  A great way to ease both your fears and theirs is by attending the schools meet the teacher night.  

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