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Back to School 2019!

Summer over all ready? Yes! It is almost time for the kids to go back to school. If your children attend Celina ISD the first day back is only 5 days away. In our household, we are getting the kids back in the swing of things by going to bed a little earlier and starting to get them up closer to school hours. All school supplies have been purchased and their backpacks are neatly hanging up by the door, ready for the first day of school. What are some of your tips and t

Back to School Tips

Its the time of the year again where stores are filled with school supplies, shopping for new clothes, and getting your family back on a schedule--its Back to School!  There are some great activities for you and your family during this exciting time. This weekend, August 10-12, is tax-free weekend.  During tax-free weekend no local and state sales tax is charged on school supplies, clothing, and shoes.  Some restaurants may also be participating in tax-free weekend, so keep a

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