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When I think of Summertime I see BBQ’s, days entertaining the kids, water activities and the family road trip. Growing up my family summers consisted of camping trips. We would all load up in the back of the Volvo station wagon (no seatbelts, rolling around in the back with the sleeping bags was totally legal back then!) and start the 4+ hour drive. All the kids would then proceed to sing 99 bottles of beer on the wall until the adults drowned us out with their music, which in my dad's case was AC/DC, Tom Petty and The Police.

Now that I have a family we have continued our Summer trips but things have changed. Everyone is in a car seat and buckled and we do not go camping during summer in Texas. What did not change was the music. My kids got to listen to all of the musicians my dad played for us mixed in with their choices.

Last year we decided to drive from here to the East Coast and back. Here is what I learned since I travel with a teen and kids under 5:

-Portable DVD Players are awesome if you have toddlers.

-Baking sheets and magnets were easy entertainers.

-Always pack an ice chest with snacks and drinks.

-Pack an umbrella, especially if travelling in the South, for surprise rain storms.

-Lysol or some other disinfectant spray came in very handy.

-An external battery charger for the teens phone kept her entertained the entire drive.

If you and your family are staying in the area here are some local camps:

-Preston Trail Farms Farm Camp. . There are 2 sessions being offered. Ages PreK- 3rd grade

-Lionheart Academy Summer camp.

-Camp Invention- June 17th-21st in Prosper or June 24th-28th in Anna.

There are also so many VBS locations so there are tons to do with kids!

Where do you all go for Summer? Any tips? Any games that work for your family? What songs mean Summer for you? What Summer memories are you passing down to the kids?

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