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Spotlight on our Sponsors: Lamar National Bank

Lamar National Bank was established in Lamar County in 1981 providing services to the communities in and around Paris and Reno, Texas. Today Lamar National Bank is extending their services to the Celina community in Collin County. As Lamar continues to grow, all decisions are made right here by people who know the area and who know you. They are built around the experience and loyalty of our seasoned veterans and outstanding staff.

Current Lamar National Bank

In setting permanent roots in Celina and the surrounding communities, they are set to break ground this year on their new modern building and bank concept which will be located on the corner of Pecan and Preston.

At Lamar National Bank they value and respect our community and look forward to providing Celina and the surrounding areas with dynamic banking services including mortgages and specialized loans.

Community banking thrives on extending and building relationships within the neighborhood, local businesses and the schools. Lamar National Bank looks forward to growing and serving our Celina community.

We are very grateful to Lamar National Bank for their generous support of

Celina Ladies and Friends.

THANK YOU to Lamar National Bank

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