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Spotlight on our Sponsors: Lamar National Bank

Lamar National Bank was established in Lamar County in 1981 providing services to the communities in and around Paris and Reno, Texas. Today Lamar National Bank is extending their services to the Celina community in Collin County. As Lamar continues to grow, all decisions are made right here by people who know the area and who know you. They are built around the experience and loyalty of our seasoned veterans and outstanding staff. In setting permanent roots in Celina and

Frances Morales- September Lady of the Month

If you have been to Pokeno you know Frances. She seems to always have Lady Luck by her side! We are so appreciative of her friendship. Get to know her just a little more by reading below. Thank you for sharing with us Frances...we are so thankful for your friendship. How long have you lived in the Celina area? 17 months What brought you here? My family and son moved here What is your favorite thing about Celina?= Downtown shopping and restaurants  The town is small you c

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