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New Year's Resolutions!!

Here are some questions that you might be asking yourself this time of year

1) This year I want to ....

2) This year I need to ....

3) This year I am going to start ....

4) This year I am going to stop ....

5) This year I am going to learn to or about ....

As you might expect, the New Year's Resolution goals that top the list for most people year after year

are personal health goals starting with losing weight, an increased exercise routine and focusing on an improved diet.

For most of us, our health is always a priority but this time of year we are also thinking of how we can make up for all the holiday food and fun!

This year my PERSONAL HEALTH GOAL IS: _________________

The second most notable New Years Resolution has to do with managing and saving our money.

Always a good reminder after the holiday spending and looking forward to our New Year goals.

Getting back to our budgets can be a challenge but setting even small goals can make a huge difference.

Other New Year's resolutions that often top our lists of priorities in no particular order are

- the goal of a promotion or the desire to move forward in our careers

- having more time with friends and family

- getting more restful sleep

- learning a new skill or furthering your education in the area of study that interests you



Fun fact: Studies show that people who take the time to make New Years resolutions are 10 times

more likely to change their daily habits than those who didn't set new goals. WHO KNEW :)

So we encourage you to make your resolutions for 2019!

MUCH SUCCESS ! and May You Have a Blessed Year !!

Here's to an AMAZING 2019 !!!


From Celina Ladies and Friends

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