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Lissa Shepard- Lady of the Month July

If you have attended Pokeno you may know Lissa. I love when it is her turn to call the cards. She is a ray of sunshine at Celina Ladies and Friends events so here she is...lady of the month!

Here is a little more about her, from her.

  • How long have you lived in the Celina area?

1 ½ years in Celina, but 14 years in Collin County!

  • What brought you here?

A job brought me to McKinney. But once McKinney was rated as the greatest place

on earth to live, everyone started moving there.

So, we moved to Light Farms in December of 2016!

  • What is your favorite thing about Celina?

I really like the downtown Square! I feel like it’s a hidden gem with so much potential for growth! I love the businesses that are there – Tender,

Gracebridge Resale, Annie Jack’s, etc. I also love the Farmer’s Market and special events!

I also know that change is coming (with future growth)and it’s exciting to see what will take place.

  • What do you like about Celina Ladies & Friends? I love the events like brunch and pokeno! I have met some really great people and feel very welcomed!

  • Tell us about your family?

I have a husband, Charles, that I have been married to for 16 years,

2 girls – Catherine (age14), Jolie (13) & 2 boys – Caleb (age 11),

Collin (6).

  • Tell us about your job/businesses?

My husband, Charles and I own a local business – Quality Window Fashions. He is the primary operator. I work in Downtown Dallas for Dallas County as the Floodplain Manager. My office overlooks Dealey Plaza near where JFK was shot and shares the building with the Sixth Floor Museum, so I go to work at Dallas’ main tourist attraction every day.

  • What do you want people to know about you?

I want people to know that I love Jesus and I hope I display that love to


  • If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, what would you have a good chance at winning medal for?

Parallel Parking! I was so bad at it in the past (remember that driving

test as a teenager?), now I rock at it! Where’s the contest???

  • What is the luckiest thing that has happened to you?

Having a good relationship with my father seemed to set the tone for just about everything else in my life. But there’s other things that have been good for me – being married to Charles, giving birth to 4 wonderful children. It’s really hard to pick just one!

  • Who inspires you?

I am really inspired by the Old Testament story of Queen Esther. It’s a

great story of how God can use us to turn things around. I find

myself thinking or telling others “this is your Esther moment” or “who is

the Mordacai in your life?” If you haven’t read it, check it out!

Thank you for sharing with us!

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