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It's summer time y'all!

The kids are all out of school and you have to do something to keep them occupied on these humid, hot days right?

In Celina, Grace Bridge is hosting an awesome summer camp for kids K-8th grade starting in July. Take the kids and enjoy some mom alone time! Info below.

Now for a craft/cheap activity for the summer!

What kiddo does not love playing with water in some way?

In our home with 2 toddler boys we enjoy our kiddie pool time in the afternoons. Now you can always get in to the kiddie pool with them or do as I do as just sit close by with my feet in the pool....but I found a craft that is even better! Sponge water bombs!

Photo by (Click photo for link)

When you are at the grocery store, dollar store etc. pick up some cheap sponges, cable ties, and hair bands. You can use rubber bands like the instructions on the site tells you but I found cable ties worked much better. Cut up the sponges and before you zip tie them shut, add a hair tie for the older kids so they can fling them! (More in depth instructions at link above)

I throw these in our kiddie pool and then it turns into fun times for the boys and the entire family. Seriously my husband loves this craft and he turns into a little kid chasing us around the yard. Best part...after all that running around the boys crash for the night and I can enjoy my crafting time!

Hope all that try this craft have a fun time! Feel free to share your photos of how yours all turned out!

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