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Spring is Here !

Spring is the time for new beginnings and starting fresh.

This year, the official first day of spring was March 20th.


Let me share some helpful hints to get your spring cleaning list started :)

FIRST - I like to break my household list down by rooms.

Review and inspect each room in your home to see what stays and what goes.

(This is a great time to get the kids involved! :)

NEXT, I like to start by designating several donation boxes.

1) The first set of boxes are for clothes that can be passed down or shared with a local charity such as

Grace Bridge, Goodwill or your local church.

2) The second set of boxes are for reusable toys and games.

3) The third set of boxes could be housewares and other smaller household items.

LAST but not least, I review the larger household items that are in good condition but that I no longer use (furniture, tools, etc.) and sell or donate them to a local charity.

Feel free to add any additional categories that apply to your individual home clean out.

Spring cleaning can be a real WIN-WIN. You get to organize your house and share great

reusable items that you may no longer need!!


Spring is in the air so inhale the freshness

and let it motivate us to do great things!

Let us challenge ourselves to do something for someone

or to do a simple act of kindness everyday no matter how big or small!!


Celina Ladies and Friends

If you are interested in becoming more involved

with our fun activities, local projects and events,

please feel free to contact someone on

the Celina Ladies and Friends board for more information !!

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