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The Elf On The Shelf

What a fun Christmas tradition and a great way to share creative ideas with your kids.

Rule #1 of the Elf on the Shelf is that you aren't allowed to touch the elf. (the kids that is)

Rule #2 is that the Elf will not speak or move while the kids are awake.

So many of us had an Elf on the Shelf when we were younger and are now passing our tradition along

to our children.

Some ELF ON THE SHELF activity suggestions for this week are:

1) MAKE A TISSUE BOX BED - Turn a tissue box into a bed by removing a handful of tissues

and use them as a pillow, then tuck the elf into the box using the rest of the tissue as his mattress. 2) CREATE BARBELLS FOR HIS WORKOUT- Use a toothpick and place a mini marshmallow on each end then position the elf so that he looks like he is lifting the barbell.

3) CREATE A ZIPLINE- You'll need string or yarn and a candy cane. Attach both ends of the string to opposite surfaces, allowing enough room for the elf to slide down and across. Have the elf use the candy cane to slide down the zipline.

4) WALKING THE DOGS- Use colored pipe cleaners to create the leashes for the toy dogs and have the Elf take them for a walk.

5) DRAW A PICTURE- Place the Elf (the artist) with a marker in his hand next to the picture.

6) SACK RACES- Use small paper bags, place the elf in one and other small dolls in each of the other bags to create a sack race.

7) CREATE A BUBBLE BATH- Use a crockpot (or other container) and fill it with cotton balls. Add a rubber ducky, mini soaps and a washcloth (as a small bath mat) to finish the scene.

There are many more traditional activities for the Elf on the Shelf, but he is also known to get into some mischief from time to time so feel free to get creative!


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