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So did anyone wait until the last minute to buy valentine’s for their kids? Please tell me that I’m not the only woman in the group who has done this? So, I go on the hunt, with my teenage daughter in tow to find valentines. We went to 3 stores to find valentines for the big exchange. Just when I was ablout to give up, I had my daughter call CVS locations. When the clerk at the store in Celina told me they still had Valentines left, I thought she was kidding. We raced into the CVS in Celina about 10 minutes before they closed to purchase valentines for my son. While we were there, I spoke with another shopper who stated he gets so overwhelmed by all the choices, that he HAS TO wait till the last minute - when choices are limited and much of the inventory is gone. Makes sense, right??

I have this same experience several times a year. Once it was before Christmas with a ham. I tried 3-4 stores - looking for a spiral sliced ham. You know the kind- with the foil on it? Again, the store that came through was in Celina. There was one ham left “in the back” that I gladly took home.

The truth of the matter is – this area has grown tremendously over the past several years. I don’t think these stores can keep up with or even fathom the amount of people living in Northern Collin County. Proper boasts a 13% growth rate on its’ website & Celina has had about a 17% growth rate in recent years. So the next time a major holiday comes I will plan better to purchase key items in advance! My next opportunity to prove that I plan things out just a little is with Easter. Now, if only I can remember to buy my baskets way in advance!

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