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Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Observance

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is nationally recognized as a prominent leader of the Civil Rights Movement.

In 2000, Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Observance was officially recognized as a national holiday.

Dr. King was awarded a federal holiday so that we as a nation can annually recognize and celebrate his life and legacy.

- - Note: The actual date of remembrance may change each year as it is observed the third Monday of January on a date closest to Dr. King's birthday.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebrates the Civil Rights Era as well as the notable contributions

of Dr. King. This day of remembrance was established so that we could not only honor and celebrate Dr. King's life and work but it was also created so that we as a country should remember to take time to recognize and celebrate the new civil rights opportunities and the role that people such as Dr. King has had in changing and educating our country to create awareness of and for the Civil Rights Movement.

The Civil Rights Movement was and is still focused on securing the rights of African Americans and as well as recognizing the rights of ALL Americans to pursue their dreams.

Dr. King was one of the strongest voices for civil rights movement through incredible speeches and ongoing dialogue he was able reach so many people and share his dream for our country. Dr. King worked tirelessly to promote positive non-violent change.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service was first officially recognized as a national holiday in the year 2000.

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Observance, people everywhere are asked to not only remember Dr. King but they are also encouraged to do a good deed or volunteer in honor of Dr. King.

In 1963, Dr. King presented his famous "I Have a Dream" speech in front of over 200,000 people.

One year later, the Civil Rights Act had passed and notably that same year, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his contributions to the Civil Rights Movement.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day serves as a reminder of how far we have come as a nation,

the potential for positive change and the work that is yet to be done.

In the words of Dr.Martin Luther King:





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