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January is National Blood Donor Month

The New Year is moving along quickly but lets not forget that

January is National Blood Donor Month.

As we start the new year off right, we are reminded of the need for blood drives and how much they require our support (even more so during the holidays and during national disasters).

Did you know that it has been estimated that 13,000+ donations are necessary every day

to maintain our nations blood supply?

The American Red Cross has noted that winter time can sometimes be the most difficult season of the year to maintain the level of donations needed throughout the country due to holiday schedules, bad weather, the flu and other illnesses which can cause cancellations of blood drives.

Your donation of blood to the national and local blood supplies not only saves lives during disasters and accidents, but it also is key to improving the health for many individuals who may need other medical assistance.

It is important to recognize that several people may benefit from one single donation. With one single contribution, it is possible to separate each donation into individual components including platelets, red blood cells and plasma to meet the specific need of one or more recipient(s).

The best way to observe National Blood Donation Month

is to learn your blood type

and make a donation!

Blood typing was established in the early 1900 's when Dr Karl Landsteiner of Austria first developed the blood group system. The four blood groups are A, B, AB and O. Which one are you??

Did you know that:

- When only one pint of blood is donated, it could potentially save up to three lives!!

- Qualified donors can donate blood every 8 weeks.

-According to the American Journal of Epidemiology, blood donors are 88% less likely to have a heart attack

A special Thank You to those who donate their time and their contributions regularly to their local blood banks. So many lives have been saved due to their generous act!!

To find out where you can make a donation, or how to volunteer, check out

Remember That Your Donation can Save Lives !!






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