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Gardening tips for North Texas

Spring is definitely off to a chilly and damp start, so some adjustments and patience may be in order for local gardeners this season.

Whether you are a master gardener or a novice creating your very first garden spot, the job of designing and maintaining your North Texas garden can be a real challenge as well as a lot of fun.

Your local garden center is the best place to start gathering information and ideas for your garden design.

Local experts can assist you in selecting the plants that would best suit your specific gardening wants and needs.

Raised garden beds can be a great alternative for growing certain vegetables and flowers. Raised beds can also help when you have a limited planting area or when you may have small animals that might deplete your garden.

Community Gardens are a fun way for neighbors and friends to work together to create a bounty of fruits, vegetables and flowers that can be managed and shared by a number of local participants.

Children's gardens provide a way for kids to learn more about nature and it also shows them how much fun it can be to make their own contribution.

Two local and fun educational opportunities for gardeners of any age who like to enjoy nature and walk among the native butterflies with family and friends are:

1) The Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary located in McKinney

2) The Texas Discovery Garden in Dallas which offers local events related to native gardens, butterflies and it has a nature conservancy.

If you decide that you would like to create your own gardens,

a valuable resource for any of your gardening questions or concerns would be

Texas A&M Agrilife Exension.

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