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Celina Ladies and Friends T-Shirts & the Celina Friday Night Market

Celina Ladies and Friends is an amazing group of woman of all ages and backgrounds!

The mission of Celina Ladies and Friends is to

"Build lasting friendships through positive and fun experiences."

Our Celina Ladies and Friends T-shirts help to identify our presence within the community during

special events, meetings and local activities such as the Celina Friday Night Markets and our annual Progressive Dinner in downtown Celina.

Stop by our Celina Ladies & Friends booth at the Friday Night Market !

As a member or supporter of Celina Ladies and Friends, T-shirts can be purchased at any of our community activities, Pokeno nights or at the Celina Friday Night Market.

2019 Celina Friday Night Market

is scheduled on the

First Friday of the month

during the months of

March until November (excluding July 12) from 6-9 pm

  • The sale of our T-shirts helps to support our organization and everything we do including flyers, our website, print materials, community service items and events including the progressive dinner, annual picnic and Boohoo/Wohoo !

Contact us @ or

Celina Ladies and Friends is a not-for-profit 501(c)4 organization.

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