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Melynne Noble: Celina Ladies & Friends January Lady of the Month

What a wonderful way to begin the year and to recognize someone who is such an integral part of what makes Celina Ladies and Friends so special.

Melynne is one of the busiest Moms I know. She has been blessed with four beautiful children and they are incredibly blessed to have her as their Super Mom. She is married to one of the most generous and kind people I have ever met and they make an amazing team of six. Round out her blessings with an incredible support system made up of close family and friends and you have #blessed .

Melynne has lived in Celina for two years and then made the move to Gunter.

Her favorite things about Celina and Gunter are the close friendships she has made. When asked what her favorite thing about the Celina is, Melynne says that it is meeting so many wonderful ladies and creating such amazing friendships through the Celina Ladies and Friends organization.

Melynne shared with us that what she loves about Celina Ladies and Friends is how the organization is designed to bring ladies together to build strong, long lasting friendships and a wonderful support system where we can exchange ideas and learn from each other.

On a personal note: Mel has been married 9 yrs to her AMAZING husband and they are raising six year old AWESOME triplets and an absolutely ADORABLE and brave little 9 month old :)

Mel was a 5th grade teacher before making the shift to stay at home when the triplets were born.

She is currently working as a part time preschool teacher and absolutely loves her job!

If you know Mel, then you know that she loves God, her family and she has the gift for planning (especially her kids Birthday parties!!!). She loves creating a theme and making it come to life through design and decorations to create fabulous parties!

Mel says that the luckiest thing that has ever happened to her is 1) marrying her husband and

2) being blessed with four beautiful children.

The person that inspires her the most is her Mother-in-law! Mel says she has the most amazing patience and a servants heart for others. (Mel LOVES watching her with the kids!!)

Melynne is honestly one of the smartest, kindest and most sincere woman I have ever met and we are all truly blessed to have her in our lives!



Celina Ladies and Friends Lady of the Month for January- Melynne Noble

If YOU are interested in becoming a Celina Ladies and Friends sponsor,

please email us at

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