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Janee Eatmon- April Lady of the Month

Guess what!? The Celina Lady of the Month is Janee Eatmon! Let's take some time to express to Janeé how much we appreciate her!

How long have you lived in the Celina area? I have lived in Celina since the fall of 2013. However, we purchased land here in 2010 before moving to Celina.

What brought you here? We wanted to have more room to breathe and not be five feet away from our neighbors. Plus, my husband wanted room to build a woodworking shop.

What is your favorite thing about Celina? I love looking out over the fields early in the morning and see the cows graze and think what a beautiful place. And of course the people I have met at every place we go in the city of Celina.

What do you like about Celina Ladies & Friends? I love meeting ladies from all walks of life, all ages, that want to meet other women, form friendships and help the community. I love seeing ladies enjoy the joys of friendship and learning from one another.

Tell me about your family? My husband and I both come from small families who live in the DFW area. We have one son who also lives in the DFW area and works in Aviation Management. We have been married for 18 beautiful years after meeting through the singles group at a church in Farmers Branch. Disney, Christmas, hosting parties, and helping others are some of our loves. We visit Disney World almost every other year and love acting like kids in a fantasy world even though we are adults! If everyone wore a pair of mouse ears each day the world might be a different place!

Tell us about your job/businesses? I have been in the retail industry since I was a teenager and have worked all aspects of the field; Sales Associate, Manager, Buyer and Area Manager. I opened the second Cracker Barrel Old Country Store in the State of Texas many, many years ago! Currently, I am the Retail Buyer for sixteen hospital gift shops that are located in Texas and Louisiana. I love working in a business where I can meet people, assist them, make a difference, and be creative all in the same day! I drive eighty miles each day to and from my job at the corporate office! It adds up to a lot of miles each week, but I share the drive with another co-worker who helps make it better!

What do you want people to know about you? This is a difficult question, as most people do not like talking about themselves! So here are some facts that you can put into something….

  1. Born in Texas, but lived all over the USA. New York State, Maryland, Colorado and Texas. But, Texas is the greatest. Love how friendly we are and hope that never changes.

  2. Have visited India, Italy, Britain, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, and Bahrain

  3. Lived outside DC during the Watergate scandal and knew one of the officers involved with it.

  4. I have a 21” steel rod in my back due to scoliosis and wore a full body cast for eight months as a junior in high school. Boy, did that put a damper on junior/senior prom! However, I did go snow skiing in the body cast.

  5. I am good a spatial planning and can see how to rearrange furniture or a store to maximize space.

  6. Played the flute, piano and French horn in school; along with singing in the school choir. Always participated in art classes too.

  7. I secretly would love to work in the interior design business.

  8. I wanted to own my own “gift” business since I was in my 20’s.

  9. Love most movies, no horror movies…and really LOVE “girlie” movies with a happy ending.

  10. Purple and pink are my favorite colors.

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